Preparing for the Big Leap Overseas

How You Can Prepare Now for Your Eventual Big Leap Overseas

Most often, when an “Expat” shares tales with those who are still living in their home country and in the early processes of considering a move overseas, they are tales about the post-move. We talk about life in the new country, learning a new language, getting visas, buying real estate and so on. However, nothing is more important than making that first big leap. It’s the most risky. It’s the most terrifying.

In this video I share an important tip and speak of my personal experience from eleven years ago, when I was still living in Seattle and in the early stages of planning a move overseas.

Lighten Your Load

The main message in this video is to suggest that you begin today to lighten your load. Get rid of all excess property—TV’s, clothing, books, etc.—all that extra junk stacked up all over the place and tucked away in your Shurgard storage locker.

After that, consider selling your home if you own one. Get that money into a liquid form to fund your new adventure. Homes in the U.S. aren’t going to go up in value for a long, long time. They are much more likely to continue to fall in value. Rent a small place to force yourself to liquidate more of your stuff and to gain practice in a low-cost lifestyle. This will come in handy overseas. Life is actually more fun when you have less “stuff”.

In Closing

By lightening your load you are poised to make the big leap when the time and courage arrive. Even if, in the end, you decide to stay in your host country, your cost of living will be lower and you will be better prepared to make a move within your own country, to another big city or to a smaller city. When you’ve gotten the “big liquidation” out of the way, that’s one less giant project, one less major obstacle, to surmount to take the next big step in living your dream life overseas.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Big Leap Overseas”

  1. Wow Joe. Felt like you we’re reading my mind.
    Yeah, I’ve been in the grinder so long and just don’t want to do it anymore.
    Be there soon, buddy!

  2. Hey Joe,
    Not sure if your going to get this but since your site is shut down I can’t find a way to contact you. Please advise. Interested in consultation

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