Samba School Rehearsal – The Best Part of Carnaval

The Best Part of Carnaval May Not Actually be Carnaval Itself

Carnaval 2012 is now behind us. I wrote a few posts earlier to share something that I’ve discovered here. In the three months leading up to Carnaval the neighborhoods that will compete in the big Carnaval parade, have rehearsals three times a week. The rehearsals are called “Ensaios”. They are parties and they are fun. The name for the each neighbors group is called the “Samba School”. It consists of the percussion band, the band of singers and guitar players, the school’s princess, the other hot female dancers, and then all the residents of that neighborhood and adjacent neighborhood who want to dress up and to dance and walk in the parade.

What’s great is that, even if you don’t want to brave the big parade on the final weekend, you can still go to these rehearsal parties, have a great time, here the music, meet up with your friends and make new friends, too. I’ve come to enjoy these evenings more than the final weekend of Carnaval itself

Introducing the Videos Below

I recorded several videos in the weeks leading up to Carnaval and got a little lazy in creating posts for each video. The videos went straight to my Youtube channel. Now, I’m going to post them all here in one post for your to view. I hope you enjoy them. There’s a description for each of them in the description field under the video at Youtube, if you care to know more about any of the videos. Enjoy!

By the way, WE TOOK FIRST PLACE IN FLORIANOPOLIS!! Two years in a row!

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