Excellent Brazilian Real Estate Investment Available

Brazilian Real Estate Offer – Countryside Estate Property

I am offering for sale the property adjacent to where I live in São Pedro de Alcântara, in the near-countryside just outside of Florianópolis, in south Brazil. Below, you can watch the introductory video explaining the broad details of the property.

Full Playlist of Informative Videos at Youtube

I have created nearly a dozen informative videos in a Youtube playlist covering all aspects of the land itself, as well as information about investing in real estate here, information about the region, the lifestyle and much more. Those interested are encouraged to view all the videos and then to contact me at the contact page here if you have more questions and an interest in a possible purchase.

The Basic Details

The videos go into great detail on all aspects of the property. The quick summary is this,—the land is 40 minutes outside of Florianópolis, in the near countryside, which is spectacular in its beauty, surrounded on all sides by virgin south Atlantic subtropical forest. The property is 2.5 hectares (6.25 acres) in size and the asking price is R$150,000. The property is easily accessible, has easy access to water and electricity and is about half pasture and half forest. There are 1500, 5-year-old pine trees planted, to be harvested for sale in 15 years, when they are giant. Some thinning is needed between now and then which will eventually lead to about 350 adult, full-size trees that, today, would be worth R$150 to R$200 per tree.

A 15% security deposit will be required. We will exchange, sign and notarize a purchase agreement via a courier such as FedEx or DHL (unless you are here, in person, of course), and money will be wired to my account here in Brazil. I can and would like to receive a portion of the payment in the U.S., if possible, though not a requirement.

The rest of the info is in the videos and please contact me if you have more questions.