About the Creation of Brazil for Life

The Story Behind the Creation of Brazil for Life

I left America in June of 2001 with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes to my name and a one-way ticket to Quito, Ecuador. I had a list of 15-20 countries I wanted to visit, all candidates for my future home. Both before I left the U.S. as well as frequently during the three years I was traveling the world freely in search of a home, I turned to the website, escapeartist.com for articles, tips and information about setting up a new life in another country. Escapeartist.com is by far the best resource I have ever found to support those looking to start a new life overseas.

Giving Back

Brazil is a great place to live, but it’s not an easy place to live by any means. During my first two years I wasted and lost money unnecessarily, either by get ripped off by apartment rental agencies, car rental agencies, realtors, attorneys, etc. Foreigners are targets here. You don’t know who to trust until you adapt to the culture and the less trustworthy people become easy to spot. I wasted a lot of time, too, literally hundreds of hours. I got very frustrated and anxious, too. And so much of it could have been avoidable if I came better prepared.

Also during that time, I was able to extend my tourist visa, then switch to a student visa, and then, after a great deal of challenge, obtain Brazil’s business investor’s permanent visa. I also studied the local real estate market in great depth and made my first investment in an oceanfront home. I also became conversational in Brazilian Portuguese and later, fluent. Things were finally getting easier.

I decided to offer escapeartist.com a book about how to start a new life in Brazil. I wanted to write a book that I wish I had had when I first moved here. To this day nothing like this exists anywhere. I worked on it slowly and gathered information by interviewing accountants, attorneys, federal police personnel, and even the national director of immigration. All of the content comes from direct personal experience.

The book is now available at the start of March, 2012. I also offer a two-hour private consultation by phone or skype. I’m coaching a few people through the process of moving here and I’ve helped several people get their business investor permanent visa.

Consider Me a Resource

Please consider me a resource if you have questions about how to live in Brazil. I’ve developed a great deal of expertise in the subject and I’m happy to be of assistance to others. I couldn’t put everything I know in the book. I tried to cover what’s most important. I’m happy to answer questions by email at info@brazilforlife.com.

Safe Travels!, Joe Naab