About Brazil for Life and Joe Naab

Joe Naab, Author of Brazil for Life!
Joe Naab, Author of Brazil for Life!

The Brazil for Life website has been created to serve as a resource to those who might want to start a new life in Brazil. It is also for those who are new arrivals and seek more information to help overcome the challenges we all face when setting up a new life here.

The site was created to accompany the ebook, Brazil for Life!, which contains a great deal of information regarding immigration, buying real estate, getting a driver’s license, learning to speak Portuguese, etc.

I left America in 2001, stressed out and unhealthy, disenchanted with the direction the culture of the country was heading, and hoping to find a place in the world I could call home where I might be able to live more and work less on a small amount of savings. Not knowing where I wanted to live, I decided to travel the world freely with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes as my only possessions in life. I made a short list of candidate countries and took off to explore the world. My intention and mindset was not that of a tourist, it was that of a man looking for a new home. As such, I tended to stay 1-3 months in each city, studied the real estate, immigration laws, social life, work opportunities and more.

Nearly three years later I arrived in south Brazil, on the island of Florianópolis. I knew within a few days that I had found home. I didn’t know at the time that I would stay on the island, I only knew that I wanted to live in Brazil. I set up camp in Florianópolis and in the first couple of years made visits to many other cities to scout them out as candidate places to call home. I switched from a tourist visa to a student visa to buy more time in the country. In the end, I chose Florianópolis, though I understand why other foreigners choose to live elsewhere in Brazil. It’s an amazing country with so many different sub-cultures. It becomes a matter of personal taste and that is why making what I call “Scouting Trips” in the book can be so important.

Eventually, I went through the complex process of getting the Business Investor’s Permanent Visa, doing most of the work myself. I submitted my application in person in Brasília and took the opportunity to interview the national director of immigration and her staff regarding this visa. I’ve since helped several others get this visa.

Now, nearly eight years later, I’ve never been happier or healthier. I look and feel younger than I did 11 years ago when I left the U.S. I have mastered the process of starting a new life in Brazil and have become a walking encyclopedia on the subject and a resource to those with inquiring minds.

Please enjoy the site and don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact page. I’m available for phone consultations for a fee. I very much wish that someone like me, with my knowledge today, was available to me in this way when I arrived first arrived as it would have saved me a ton of time, money and frustration. Brazil is full of bureaucracy and difficult to navigate for the newly arrived.

You can read a much longer biography of mine at my coaching site. For more information, peruse the site, use the search field, and check out the content.

Be Well!