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Excerpt: Air Quality Difference between Northern and Southern Hemispheres

From Chapter 2: Why Brazil? – Air Quality Planetary atmospheric airflow follows a simple pattern. Cold air from the poles travels to the equator, heats up along the way, and then circulates back to the pole of origin. Very little air from the northern hemisphere enters the […]

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Excerpt: Sound Economics of Brazil

From Chapter 2: Why Brazil? – Sound Economics Brazil is now the most self-sufficient country on planet Earth, overflowing with an abundance of all the essential natural resources to last for centuries. Here is an eye-popping list of how Brazil ranks in the world in some critically […]

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Excerpt: Medium and Long-term Housing Rental

Excerpt from Chapter 4: Long-Term and Life-Long Stays – Medium-term and Long-term Housing Rental If you do not buy a house or apartment right away, you will likely be looking for a place to live. Some options are as follows: Negotiated extended stay in a hotel, serviced […]

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