Add Thousands of Brazilian Portuguese Words to Your Vocabulary Right Now!

Improve Your Brazilian Portuguese With This Great Tip

I will share with you in this article the best tip I know that will literally add more than 1,000 words to your Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary by the time you finish reading.

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Even a beginner can benefit from this tip, especially if they refer back to it or simply keep it in mind as their skills improve over time. The most impact from this tip will come to those who know how to conjugate verbs. The most basic conjugations are learned at the basic level, with a few intermediate conjugations added later.

What’s Great about this Tip

What’s great about this tip is that there’s nothing at all to memorize. You can use this on the fly as you are thinking what you want to say in English and can instantly translate it into Portuguese. I’ve been doing this for years and rarely do I get it wrong. It’s simply awesome!

The Fundamental Thing to Know

Here it is—nearly all English words that end in “tion” (eg. translation), will be the same word in Brazilian Portuguese, except that the “tion” will be replaced with “ção” (eg. translação). The “c” with the little fishhook beneath it is called “c cedula”, and has the sound of an “s”. the “ão” in Portuguese, for those who are already speaking it, has the dreaded nasal sound, as if you are pushing the word “own” up into the top of your nose as you say it.

This is the Tip of the Iceberg

This is already a decent tip if all you got was an immediate one-to-one translation for words ending in “tion”. I have no idea how many words in English end in “tion”, it must be in the hundreds, easily. Some examples off the top of my head, – agitation, frustration, dictation, contemplation, observation, rumination, organization, temptation, immigration, experimentation. What’s great, as I wrote above, is that you don’t have to find all these words in a premeditated manner and then memorize them all. The process will arrive in your head instantly at the moment you need it.

The Awesome Multiplication Factor of the Tip – It’s in the Verb!

Take special note that all English words that end in “tion” are actually verbs at their root. Translation is to translate, organization is to organize. Note also that not all English verbs have this form of the verb. There is no “talkation” for the verb, to talk. Thus, there is some limit to it’s application.

The technique that produces the multiplication factor is to reverse engineer this form of the word, ending in “ção”, into the dozen or more verb forms of the word. In doing this you literally add thousands of words to your Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary without any need for memorization.

NOTE: I am noticing now that almost, if not all these words, are Portuguese verbs that end in “ar”. This will make it’s application even simpler.

An Example of the Full Set using the Verb, to Experiment

We begin with the word “experimentation” and then work it through.

  1. experimentation –> experimentação
  2. to experiment (infinitive) –> experimentar
  3. experimenting (gerund) –> experimentando
  4. experimented (past participle) –> experimentado
  5. I experiment –> Eu experimento
  6. You experiment –> Você experimenta
  7. He/she experiments –> Ele/Ela experimenta
  8. We experiment –> Nos experimentamos
  9. You guys experiment –> Vocês experimentam
  10. They experiment –> Eles experimentam
  11. I used to experiment –> Eu experimentava
  12. You used to experiment –> Você experimentava
  13. He/she used to experiment –> Ele/Ela experimentava
  14. We used to experiment –> Nos experimentávamos
  15. You guys used to experiment –> Vocês experimentavam
  16. They used to experiment –> Eles experimentavam
  17. I experimented –> Eu experimentei
  18. You experimented –> Você experimentou
  19. He/she experimented –> Ele/Ela experimentou
  20. We experimented –> Nos experimentámos
  21. You guys experimented –> Vocês experimentaram
  22. They experimented –> Eles experimentaram
  23. I will experiment –> Eu experimentarei
  24. You will experiment –> Você experimentará
  25. He/she will experiment –> Ele/Ela experimentará
  26. We will experiment –> Nos experimentaremos
  27. You guys will experiment –> Vocês experimentarão
  28. They will experiment –> Eles experimentarão

In Closing

This lists adds the three general uses of the verb (infinitive, gerund and past participle), plus verb conjugations for the four most common verb conjugations that you’ll use every day, – present, past continuous, past single occurrence and future indicative. Note that there are at least three other conjugations that are more advanced that can also be derived as above. I left them out for simplicity’s sake.

So there you have it, literally thousands of new Brazilian Portuguese words that you don’t have to memorize added to your vocabulary in the time that it took you to read this short article. Enjoy!

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